Brain Power

Swedish title: Hjärnstark

Category: Non Fiction / Psychology & Health

Pub date: 22-07-2016

Brain Power

Anders Hansen

If you want to raise your stress tolerance, improve your memory and maximise your creativity and intelligence the answer is exercise. Research actually shows that regular exercise boosts your brain power more than Sudoku, crosswords and health supplements put together.

The brain is ever changing, with new cells being constantly formed and connections created and replaced. Exercise doesn’t just enhance your health and energy levels, it also has a positive impact on concentration, memory, sleep, creativity and stress tolerance as well as personality and intelligence. You will be able to think faster and go up a gear mentally, allowing you, for example, to concentrate even when it’s noisy. The advantages are many, whatever age you are.

In Brain Power, Anders Hansen, physician, psychiatrist and author of the book “Prescription for health”, shows you the mechanisms in your brain that will transform a walk or a run into nothing less than a mental “upgrade” and gives you concrete tips on how to achieve all the positive effects research has shown that exercise has on us.

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