Bread for every occasion

Swedish title: Bröd från Brunkebergs Bageri

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 01-09-2009

Format: 136 pages, 189x246 pages, colour

Bread for every occasion

Heléne Johansson

Eating bread in the right context is almost as important as the fact that it is delicious and looks good. Bread and food belong together and enhance each other, just as food and an appropriate drink can do. For that reason, Heléne Johansson takes the situation and the meal as her starting point as she presents her most delicious bread recipes.

Like her Fruit and nut bread, for example: “The ultimate bread for the cheese platter. Goes particularly well with blue cheeses, or why not as a nutritious snack?
Black bread: “A full, tasty bread that is perfect with herring, mature cheese or with an omelette on a Wednesday evening.”

The book is divided into sections: Breakfast, Dinner, Celebrations, and Out and About. There are also many helpful and practical tips and tricks from full-blooded professional Heléne for all enthusiastic home bakers – everything from how to knead, prove, season and bake the dough, to how to keep, serve and enjoy your own creation: the finished loaf.

“I have baked my recipes a thousand times. I know they work, whatever the quality of the flour, the strength of the dough mix, or whether it’s raining outside. I also know what questions people ask, and what they want to know about bread.
This is not just a book about bread, it is also a story about my ambitions and ideas on the combination of bread and food, ingredients, quality and so on. I hope it will also inspire the reader to bake his or her own exciting varieties of bread using my basic recipes as a starting point.”

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