Swedish title: Andas

Category: General Non-Fiction

Pub date: 22-08-2018

BreatheA Nordic Approach to Breathing and Finding the Balance Within

Ulrica Norberg

A revolutionary, new approach to health and wellbeing combining ancient yogic wisdom and cutting-edge neurological research in a new book from Swedish expert and yogamaster, Ulrica Norberg.

The breath: our most vital bodily function is so often overlooked and neglected. In our hectic modern lives, our breathing has become ragged, shallow and fast and has been linked to a host of ailments and deficiencies. Using findings from the latest, cutting-edge research on the brain to demonstrate how the chemical balance in the body is shaped by the breath, leading yogamaster Ulrica Norberg travels back in time to the ancient yogic precept of prana (Sanskrit for breathing), describing the four stages of the breath and how these impact the mind and body.

Tapping into medical research and the demands of the work-life balance, Norberg brings us a revolutionary and practical approach to using the breath as a tool to improving all aspects of our health. BREATHE is a practical and highly-accessible book underpinned by scientific research and decades-long experience for anyone and everyone. Live your best life by discovering the transformative power of the breath on your wellbeing by one of Sweden’s leading intersectional experts on yoga and meditation and neurological research.

Excerpt from the book:

I have had a lot of help from my breathing when I worked in traumatic situations, recovering from fatigue, two childbirths, bringing up children, relationships, demanding work, finding creativity and integrity, and finding motivation to work out and take care of myself.Ulrica Norberg

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