Swedish title: Köttets tid

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 20-08-2019


Lina Wolff

A literary feast by the author of the award-winning, 75,000 copy bestseller, The Polyglot Lovers.

A Swedish writer travels to Madrid for inspiration for her next project, where she meets a man in a bar with an extraordinary story to tell. In exchange for somewhere to sleep and to hide out for a few days, he is willing to tell her the whole extraordinary tale. What follows is an account of fantastic proportions and ingredients: the existence of a shadowy internet tv show with a certain morality clause, a threat to the storyteller’s life, a diabolical nun, and the story of a girl with a missing left thumb.

It is also the precursor to a meeting between the writer and the infernal miracle worker, Lucia—a meeting that ultimately forces the writer to make a fateful decision about her own inner essence.

CARNALITY is a novel about the universal need for spirituality and truth—not to forget a good story—set in the decidedly unspiritual grimy underbelly of society.

The author is back in the same burlesque, satirical form as before, and works with such sharp twists and turns that at least I, from time to time, forget to breathe…. You can…experience something reminiscent of what Pedro Almodóvar elicits in his movies…we have an author who has both the tools and ability to create an intrigue that forces its way in, creating meaning and opening up your heart.
– Dagens Nyheter

It reminds me of Rachel Cusk’s Outline trilogy…If you have been mesmerized by Lina Wolff’s unique novels before, CARNALITY will not disappoint. Personally, I hold Lina Wolff as one of Sweden’s foremost
– Landskrona-Posten

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