Swedish title: Köttets tid

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 20-08-2019


Lina Wolff

A literary feast by the author of the award-winning, 70,000 copy bestseller, The Polyglot Lovers.

A Swedish writer travels to Madrid for inspiration for her next project, where she meets a man in a bar with an extraordinary story to tell. In exchange for somewhere to sleep and to hide out for a few days, he is willing to tell her the whole extraordinary tale. What follows is an account of fantastic proportions and ingredients: the existence of a shadowy internet tv show with a certain morality clause, a threat to the storyteller’s life, a diabolical nun, and the story of a girl with a missing left thumb.

It is also the precursor to a meeting between the writer and the infernal miracle worker, Lucia—a meeting that ultimately forces the writer to make a fateful decision about her own inner essence.

CARNALITY is a novel about the universal need for spirituality and truth—not to forget a good story—set in the decidedly unspiritual grimy underbelly of society.

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