Catch Dangerous Animals

Swedish title: Fånga farliga djur

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 08-08-2011

Format: 64 pages, colour, 148x210 mm

Catch Dangerous Animals

Martin Widmark, illustrated by Kristina Grundström

When the rain is beating down at nursery and everyone is huddled together in the cushions, there is only one thing for Johannes to do: take the children with him on various adventures in the jungle, to the North Pole and deep in the sea. Because there are deadly dangerous animals to be caught!

Johannes takes over from his mother in the nursery when mother is obliged to drive to the hospital with one of the children, who has broken his finger. Everyone is playing up and nobody is listening to Johannes but when the thunder and lightning starts everyone is a bit scared and they huddle down together in the cushions. “What are we going to do?” asks one of the children. “We’re going to catch a tiger,” pretends Johannes. Taking his inspiration from all his grandfather’s stories which take place in the jungle and at the North Pole and in the deepest seas. The game is to find clever stratagems to outwit tigers, polar bears and octopuses.

When the storm is past and the sun is peeping in through the windows – and mummy and Sara are back – nobody wants to go out to play. They just want to hear more!

“Action king” Martin Widmark’s action-packed text together with Kristina Grundström’s fun and lively illustrations make this read a fantastic adventure!

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