Children of the Forest

Swedish title: Tomtebobarnen

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 01-04-1995

Format: 295x235mm 32 pages

Children of the Forest

Elsa Beskow, illustrated by Elsa Beskow

Against an enchanting background of Nordic scenery a happy family of small forest people works and plays, all season of the year. The children of the forest are sharing nuts and lingonberries with the squirrels and other small animals, and they are taking lessons from Miss Owl: “And mother Owl she teaches them the language of the wind, The cries of all the creatures that twitter, fly and flap; And how they may beware of the cunning of the fox, And escape the evil crunch of the hunter`s iron trap.”

The children of the forest live deep in the roots of an old pine tree. They collect wild mushrooms and blueberries and shelter under toadstools when it rains. They play with the squirrels and frogs, and when autumn comes, they collect and prepare food to see them through the long winter, until the warm spring breeze starts to blow.

Rights sold

Bulgarian: Enthusiast Publishing
Catalan: ING
Chinese simpl.: Love Reading/Petrel Publishing
Danish: Gylendaal
English: Floris Books
Norwegian: Cappelen Damm
Romanian: Cartea Copiilor Publishing
Spanish: ING

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