Come Closer

Swedish title: Kom i min famn

Series: Simone Boman series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 09-01-2020

Come Closer

Caroline Eriksson

Author of The Missing, sold in 26 territories, is back with a new thrilling series.

“Your wife doesn’t know about me, does she?”

When Simone Boman, therapist and mother of two, is hired as a consultant to mediate between managers and their personnel, she is immediately drawn to the charismatic and popular manager Thomas. They quickly become close, but when Thomas receives a text from an unknown woman which threatens to upend the very foundation of the life he lives, he will have to re-examine who he really is, and what he is capable of. With no one else to tell, Simone becomes his confidante. But how far is she willing to go to protect his secrets? And what can happen when a good man becomes desperate?

COME CLOSER is a dark and suspenseful drama, which builds tension layer by layer in the way that Caroline Eriksson has become famous for. Introducing Simone Boman, who in her line of work gets drawn into dark, interpersonal dramas, while wrestling her own demons that threaten to bring down her own family and create an even less conventional marriage.

The Simone Boman series is a fresh start for bestselling author
Caroline Eriksson, whose debut The Missing sold to 26 territories, and whose books have sold over 330 000 copies in Sweden.’s especially the authors effortless style which elevates this book over others in the genre. It reads smoothly yet brilliantly captures all the psychological drama that makes me read it all in one sitting’


‘Caroline Eriksson crafts her characters and setting to perfection. You really get a deep sense of who the main characters are as they feel so realistic and believable.’

Olivias Deckarhylla