Easy Gardening – a beginner’s guide

Swedish title: Nybörjarens lata trädgård

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Home & Garden

Pub date: 09-03-2010

Format: 144 pages, 195x224 mm, colour

Easy Gardening – a beginner’s guide

Kerstin Engstrand

How do you plan your garden?
Which plants are easy to succeed with?
What do you do in the winter – which plants will survive, and which need some help to make it through the winter frost and snow?

Here are the expert’s best recepies for cultivation! How she does to succeed. The plants are carefully picked, plants that have been faithful through the years.

You will find everything you want to know about the soil, about planning, sowing, planting, caring…

You will find tips on which shrubs and perennials will flourish in a sunny spot, and which will be happier in shade; how to make sure you have a good crop of a number of different vegetables, and how to quickly establish a thriving herb garden.

There is advice on planting bulbs and getting them to flower, which plants go well together, and what you need to think about when it comes to flowering times and hardiness or climate zones.

You can also read about slow gardening, recycling, gardening with children, and thinking ecologically.

With her expert knowledge and wide experience, beautiful pictures and practical advice, Kerstin Engstrand gives us her top gardening tips. In this book, the absolute beginner will find the answer to every imaginable question, and if you have a little more experience, this is an attractive, quick and clever source of reliable advice. This is quite simply the very best beginner’s guide for anyone who has a garden.

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