Elsa Beskow: Picture Treasury

Swedish title: Elsa Beskow : bildskatt

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 06-05-2013

Format: 320 pages, full-color illustrations, 155 x 160 mm

Elsa Beskow: Picture Treasury

Elsa Beskow, illustrated by Elsa Beskow

This beautiful edition is not just a picture book but also an unusual art book. Focus is placed on the details in Elsa Beskow’s classic illustrations and enables both young and old to discover new dimensions to her artistic work.

This special art book invites the youngest of readers into Elsa Beskow’s picture world. Everyone recognizes the children with the mushroom hats who peep out from the moss in Children of the Forest from 1907, but not everyone notices the inquisitive little squirrel that peeks out from the corner of the page! Who has noticed the beautiful bats flying over the Forest?, the colourful parrot from The Sun Egg and what Aunt Brown has in her larder or looked very closely at the polar bear in Ollie’s Ski Trip!

In Elsa Beskow: Picture Treasury, both well known and lesser known illustrations are presented close-up and offer the reader new insights into Elsa Beskow’s meandering illustrative landscape.

Look at Elsa Beskow’s pictures with new eyes! This thick picture book has 150 words and illustrations from the world she created. Look, search, point at and see a whole new world opening out in these fantastic storybook pictures!

For over a hundred years Elsa Beskow’s stories and illustrations have captivated children and adults. Her illustrations are recognized as treasures of Swedish culture.  Not only are they magical stories but also a time-document from a Sweden in the early 1900s.

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