Enough! (The Sex Strike)

Swedish title: Sexstrejken

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 10-06-2019

Format: 135x210 mm, 320 pages

Enough! (The Sex Strike)

Åsa Hellberg

Majken has had enough in Åsa Hellberg’s first YA novel. Enough of hearing the word “whore” in the school corridors, enough of anonymous dick pics being sent to the girls’ mobile phones.

When Majken announces a sex strike at her upper secondary school, that’s because she wants for the boys’ attitude towards the girls to improve. She is not exactly met by ecstatic responses. Some wonder what to do to show solidarity – they haven’t even had sex yet so it is not as if anyone would notice, should they decide to abstain… Majken is used to argue and to have lively debates about everything under the sun at the dinner table. She lives and breathes community involvement and is of course involved in the student council. By her side she has her best friends Vilda and Belle – they form a rather odd trio at school. Vilda is not happy when everyone’s eyes land on her, she would do anything to avoid having to talk in front of her fellow students in the school assembly hall. Belle likes guys and guys like Belle, so when Majken talks about the sex strike, Belle is unsure. But then something happens that forces her to take a stand. This is Åsa Hellberg’s first YA-novel.

Johanna Lindborg
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