Fifteen Love

Swedish title: Fifteen Love

Category: Children / Fiction 12-15

Pub date: 25-05-2011

Format: 256 pages, b/w illustraions, 134x213 mm

Fifteen Love

Peter Barlach

Sexual fantasies about the family’s Polish cleaner Violetta and his friendship with the amazing Gabriel – these are the focal points of fifteen-year-old John’s life one seminal spring.

John is in Year Eleven, parties a lot and is fed up with school. His mother died in a car accident three years ago. Sometimes it feels as if it were only yesterday she disappeared, sometimes as if she had never existed. John’s greatest dream is to sleep with a girl. Preferably with the cleaner Violetta, who is “somewhere between 20 and 40 years old”. She is forward, outspoken and “more beautiful than all the Hollywood stars and photo models put together”.

Gabriel is 17. Previously John was scared stiff of him, now they are best mates. Gabriel has slept with nineteen girls, knows how to order a beer in the pub and loves shooting with his father’s air gun. Gabriel’s girl is Sophie, who has a style all her own and is as “smart as an adult”.

“Fifteen Love” is a stand-alone follow-up to “Not just tennis” and “Double Fault”.

“I love “Fifteen Love” above all for its humour. I’m not so easy to please when it comes to humour in books but with this one I couldn’t help laughing the whole time. And it’s great to read about the main character’s thoughts and fantasies about sex.”

Elin Schönfelder, 16 years old, Tonårsboken blog [= Teenage book blog]

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