Swedish title: Renheten

Category: Fiction / Literature & Fiction

Pub date: 14-02-2020


Andrzej Tichý

An intense, polyphonic story collection from the August Prize-nominated writer.

In GRAVITY, Andrzej Tichý combines a short-form multi-faceted narrative. The people in these stories all struggle to relate to the structures that layer the world and the human psyche. A man has an outburst of temper on a bus. A fugitive finds a colour wheel and gains insight from it. A social realist kills his friend with a hammer. A thief proclaims his innocence. The cleaners reluctantly clean up.

With weight as well as humour, people are depicted as fallen—those who are in the process of doing so, and those who are still waiting to fall—all against the foundation of a violent civilization that tries to seize the meaning of one’s own death sentence.

This newest offering from one of Sweden’s lauded and important contemporary writers, possesses an intensity and violence reminiscent of Fernanda Melchor’s Hurricane Season.


‘In terms of ambition, few contemporary Swedish authors can compete with Tichy´. The same goes for linguistic intensity. His prose rushes forward, roaring with, if you will, dark poetry, hurling its rage at an indifferent present. Wretchedness is a furious novel.’
—Sydsvenska Dagbladet

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