Health Drinks

Swedish title: Hälsodrycker

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 28-12-2015

Format: 195x224 mm, 112 pages

Health Drinks

Anna Ottosson

Instead of removing anything from your diet, add health drinks. They are a great way of boosting your health and they make a real difference. In this book, Anna Ottosson treats us to flavours from all across the globe in the form of about 60 recipes that provide a quick and easy way of improving your health. It is not about dieting or fasting, it is just a really smart way of enhancing your well-being. Shots, vitamin water, tonics, smoothies, broths and kombucha – health drinks are a whole world just waiting to be discovered and every moment has a drink of its own.

Get high on real ingredients instead of alcohol. A Virgin Margarita or sugar-free lemonade makes a great alternative to a glass of rosé and home-made slush takes just a minute to make and is a great thirst quencher for both you and your kids. Why not even have a go at making your own kombucha, the elixir that has taken over the cooling cabinets in Los Angeles thanks to its salutary powers for the stomach, or boil your own broth, the drink that has replaced mugs of latté on the streets of New York.

The book also contains recipes for vitamin water that is full of everything your body needs instead of sugar, sweeteners and E numbers, shots to down at that time of year when there are colds about and two-layer green and super smoothies that aren’t just pleasing to look at but also bursting with nutrition, vitamins and flavour. Beautiful and nutritional – that’s the definition of health drinks!

ANNA OTTOSSON is a qualified dietitian who has been providing dietary advice on TV and radio and in newspapers for many years and also works within education, lectures and trend forecasting.

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