Her Perfect Fit

Swedish title: Ragga som du shoppar

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 31-01-2018

Her Perfect Fit

Lin Jansson

‘You sashay right up to the sexiest, best-looking shoes in the store and say, “You! Come here!” – and that’s exactly what you should be doing with guys! Start dating like you shop!’

This is the sage advice Lovisa gets from her loyal friends when she — once again — complains that her relationship with Adrian has stalled. Adrian being the only reason she even shows up for work. Besides him, there’s only the grumpy staff manager, Lukas, and the even grumpier store manager Ulla.

Lovisa is stuck in a rut and desperate for a change. But when you’re nearing thirty and suspect you have even less talent than Kim Kardashian, it’s easier said than done. And then there’s Olivia, the big sister that Lovisa has always been so close to, but who now is increasingly disappearing into her shell; no matter what Lovisa does, she just can’t seem to get to her.

For so long, exactly nothing happened in Lovisa’s life. But then – much like when you’re waiting for the bus – everything comes along at once, and Lovisa is about to find out what really is her perfect fit.

HER PERFECT FIT is laugh-out-loud-funny and doesn’t shy away from life’s difficult moments; a pitch-perfect take on life for the urban twenty-something woman today. With a love story at its heart and a happy ending to rival the most well-loved rom-coms of our age, HER PERFECT FIT is drawing comparisons to Nora Ephron and Dolly Alderton.

‘Books that claim to be funny are not usually my cup of tea — but THIS ONE! I laughed out loud several times. Lovisa is the loveliest character in forever and a day,’ — Mattias Edvardsson, author of A Nearly Normal Family

‘Nuanced chicklit about real people…[I] can’t stop laughing.’ — Barometern

‘I bow down to this very funny and profound chicklit. I can only say one thing: buy it now, or give it to a really bored person or someone in need of immediate guidance.’ — Göteborgs-Posten

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