Ingrid from morning to night

Swedish title: Ingrid från morgon till kväll

Series: Ingrid

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 02-05-2011

Format: 220x309 mm

Ingrid from morning to night

Katerina Janouch, illustrated by Mervi Lindman

Ingrid is a delightful, playful picture book character who takes us with her on many eventful and realistic adventures!

Keep up with Ingrid throughout the day. She eats breakfast and brushes her teeth, plays with her friends in the sandpit, falls over, bangs herself and goes to the doctor and then it’s time for a meal and a cosy time with the family.

The books about Ingrid have simple texts and cheeky, cheerful illustrations that children love. In this book we can look at Ingrid in a big sturdy format which can stand up to being read for themselves by even the youngest children.

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Cappelen Damm/ Norwegian
Klematis/ Danish

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