I’ve Got My Period. So What?

Swedish title: Ja jag har mens, hurså?

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 23-09-2015

Format: 170x240mm 192 pages

I’ve Got My Period. So What?Periods - The Guide Book

Clara Henry, illustrated by Li Söderberg

Periods. What are they? And why are they so embarrassing that you hide your tampon up your sleeve on your way to the toilet? Comedian and YouTube phenomenon Clara Henry has the answers. For everyone that’s expecting their first period, has already had it or has someone close to them that complains about this pretty amazing affliction, she explains what having a uterus actually involves.

Have you always wondered what a period is, why it can cause such agonising stomach ache or why all you want to do is eat chocolate and look at cute cat videos? Have you noticed just how taboo it is to talk about something that half the world’s population goes through once a month throughout their reproductive years? And above all, would you like to know the best answer to the question ”are you on your period or what?”

I’ve Got My Period. So What? is full of great tips for everyone that is about to have or has already started having periods. Clara Henry shares her own experience and explains the different terminology and the implications of menstruation. She describes various forms of sanitary protection and even informs her readers about how the subject of menstruation has been treated throughout history and what the connection is between menstruation and equality and, best of all, she does all of this in her unique, strong and entertaining voice.

So if you suddenly have the urge for something sweet – whether it’s candy or cute animals – then don’t despair because this book explains everything. Welcome to the menstruation club!

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