Keeping It Simple

Swedish title: Gott käk utan krångel

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 25-09-2020

Format: 170x240 mm, 176 pages

Keeping It SimpleDelicious Dishes with Minimal Ingredients

Tina Nordström

In this cookery book Tina Nordström offers, as always, useful tips as well as lots of fantastic recipes, while also providing great support for all of us in the kitchen, regardless of whether we are beginners or master chefs. With a few ingredients and a wellstocked larder, Tina can help anyone produce great meals without spending hours over a hot stove. Full of exciting and often unexpected flavour combinations, this cookery book is imbued with the same love of food, humour and readiness to try new things as her previous ones. Of course there are lots of vegetables but also meat, fish and poultry and one or two desserts for when the fancy takes you. Quite simply: good food without the fuss.

Matilda Gredfors Andersson

Foreign Rights Manager | Illustrated & Practical Non-Fiction

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