Lasse and Maja’s Summer Holiday Book

Swedish title: LasseMajas sommarlovsbok. Vallebyspelen

Series: The Whodunit Detective Agency

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 07-05-2018

Format: 148x210 mm, 96 pages, colour

Lasse and Maja’s Summer Holiday BookThe Valleby Games

Martin Widmark, illustrated by Helena Willis

A short story, fun activities and inspiration for your own summer activities all in one book. Everyone in Valleby appears to be crazy about sports now that the crazy Valleby Games is about to take place and the priest, Muhammed and the detective duo Lasse and Maja are going to represent the town in events like the dog race, the few step, the wide jump, the backward jump and the one-legged race. But during the competition the prize disappears. Who can have taken it? The book also contains lots of fun ideas for activities and games and a delicious recipe from Dino and Sara’s café in Valleby. You can also learn how to draw characters from the books and look out for thieves and you can test your Valleby knowledge in a challenging quiz.

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Estonian: Egmont via Banke
Finnish: Tammi
German: Ueberreuter

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