LCHQ the safe low carb diet

Swedish title: LCHQ - lågkolhydratkost av högsta kvalitet

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 20-12-2011

Format: 170x240 mm

LCHQ the safe low carb diet

Fredrik Paulún

LCHQ the safe low-carb diet

A safe diet with top quality nutrients.

LCHQ stands for Low Carb High Quality. A top quality diet low on

carbohydrates. A diet that provides you with healthy

Carbohydrates, the right quantity of fat that also bums fat,

builds muscles, reduces inflammations in the body and keeps

you healthy. But with LCHQ you also eat a high proportion of

protein – fish, chicken, game and other meat – as that will

make you feel you ‘ve had enough food and don’t feel hungry.

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