Leona: Into the Fire

Swedish title: Leona. Ur aska i eld

Series: The Leona series

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 10-01-2019

Leona: Into the Fire

Jenny Rogneby

Over 150 000 copies sold across the series in Sweden alone

After a raging fire in Stockholm, Sweden, six teenagers are found tragically dead. Leona Lindberg, the unconventional and obsessive investigator at the City Police, handles the case. When yet another fire breaks out at Stockholm Central Station at rush hour, Leona soon realises that the incidents are not coincidences – they follow a terrible pattern.

The nationally bestselling and critically acclaimed Leona-series takes place against the backdrop of Swedish society, always with a socially engaging issue at heart. In INTO THE FIRE, Jenny Rogneby centres on social alienation among young people growing up in today’s media landscape, and the dreadful effect of negative group pressure on teenagers.

INTO THE FIRE is the fourth book about Leona Lindberg, the investigator who has never conformed to the norm for how a woman, mother and police officer should be.

The series is an international success sold in 13 countries.

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