Life force

Swedish title: Livskraft

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 13-01-2009

Format: 224 pages, 170x195mm, colour

Life forceYour health, diet and hormone balance

Helena Nyblom

Your health, diet and hormone balance!

Welcome to an exciting journey into the body and learn about new findings on hormones, genes and cells!

The body controls and is controlled by over a hundred vital hormones. They are responsible for most of the different processes in the body, and our psyche. New research shows that we have a real chance to influence these hormones in a natural way. In Life Force we learn how to achieve a healthy hormone balance leading to a healthy ageing process and an increased sense of well-being, simply by making small changes in our lifestyle.

We learn what happens in our body when we think positively or negatively, when we eat fresh blueberries or a slice of blueberry pie, the difference between biological and chronological age, which food is good for the brain’s neurotransmitters and what we can do to increase the number of brain cells.

In her sequel to Superfood, which contained dietary advice aimed at improving our health, Helena Nyblom continues to provide simple explanations of how our body works and what impact our lifestyle has on our health. This new publication is a handbook showing us how to eat correctly, deal with stress, sleep well, exercise in the right way, give our soul the right stimulus, become more vital, build on the body’s immune system and counteract the most common diseases, such as diabetes, dementia, cardio-vascular problems and cancer.

As in Superfood, the book also contains an overview of many important nutrients, with easily prepared and delicious recipes which will further contribute to good health.

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