Life, Motorcycles and Other Impossible Projects

Swedish title: Livet, motorcyklar och andra omöjliga projekt

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 27-07-2015

Life, Motorcycles and Other Impossible Projects

Katarina Bivald

The summer Anette Grankvist turned 18 she set herself three goals in life: to learn how to drive a motorcycle, to buy a house and to become completely self-reliant.

Now, nineteen years later, though she’s managed to become self-reliant, the other items on her list remain elusively uncompleted. The state of things was endurable – enjoyable even – while  her daughter lived at home, but when Emma leaves home to start university, Anette soon realises she has an abundance of what she’s been missing for the last couple of decades: time.

What better way to spend her time than to start taking motorcycle lessons; jump straight into an impossible project; get to know her own slightly senile mother; and throw herself head over heels into romance?  

As it turns out, looking for ways to spend one’s free time and searching for adventure can lead to the most unexpected complications…

Rights sold

Bulgarian/ ERA Publishers
Catalan/Edicions 62
Dutch/Meulenhoff Boekerij
German/btb Verlag
Norwegian/Gyldendal Norsk
Polish/Sonia Draga

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