Love Vingåker

Swedish title: Älska Vingåker

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 24-05-2017

Love Vingåker

Mia Ajvide

It is the 1970’s and Vingåker’s mayor, Olle, is well-liked and well-respected. He is also trying to implement a radical political project of his own devising: leading the municipality according to the principle of love. When a girl is found, having been abandoned in the small town’s library, she is brought to Olle. Olle discovers that the girl has the unique ability of affecting people’s emotions, and so he sets out to take advantage of that. Meanwhile, Olle’s friend Petrus gets out of the Vadstena mental hospital. He knows from his own experience that those kinds of skills should be kept secret. When Petrus and the girl meet, both are changed – as are all of the inhabitants of Vingåker.