Low carb party food

Swedish title: LCHF till fest

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 04-09-2012

Format: 144 pages, 195x260mm,4+4

Low carb party food

Jens Linder

Now you can prepare food for your party that is both a taste sensation and good for your body. In this book Jens Linder will help you to make delicious, rustic and even luxurious party food with very little carbs (LCHF). Utterly irresistible.

Choose between delicious flavours from the sea, beautifully cooked meat dishes, surprising new vegetable taste combinations and all sorts of fantastic sauces. And don’t think that “low carb” means you have to skip the obvious finale to the meal – there are plenty of desserts to round off the meal.

This is quite simply a sensuous and generous cook book with delicious easy-to-prepare recipes for festive occasions. In addition to tasty recipes and stylish pictures of food in the book, Jens also offers his smartest cooking tips and ready-to-use menu suggestions.

So what are you waiting for? Invite your guests and get going!

Starters and nibbles

Crispy cheese biscuits with paprika topping

Oysters with Korean flavours

Scallops with warm grapefruit salad

Hot dishes

Entrecote with spinach salad à la crème

Halibut Napolitana

Goat cheese & aubergine with tomato and anchovy sauce

Grilled pike-perch with shirataki noodles

Cheese fondue LCHF

Low carb burger


Classic chocolate mousse with blackberries

Cheese board Nordic style

Iced citrus salad

The book is illustrated throughout by the prize-winning photographer Stefan Wettainen.

”For me, LCHF is a return to the sensible diets of days gone by. Where carbs were a filling that you could take more of if the luxuries like meat and cheese weren’t enough.”

Jens Linder

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