Mandelmanns’ Kitchen

Swedish title: Mandelmanns köksbok

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 10-06-2016

Format: 195x240 mm

Mandelmanns’ Kitchen

Gustav Mandelmann, Marie Mandelmann

The Mandelmanns in Djupadal use everything from their fields, meadows, barns, chicken coops, beehives and greenhouses. Grain, vegetables, berries, fruit, meat, milk and honey are turned into delicious bread, pasta, juice, preserves, butter, cheese, yoghurt, casseroles, sausages, omelettes, sweets and a whole lot more. The recipes are tested and retested, used and loved in this self-sufficient household where the food standing on the table and stored in the pantry and the root cellar is governed by the seasons. You’re very welcome to try it all, either by following the recipes in this book, or visiting their garden!

”More than twenty years have passed since we moved into the four-winged farm Djupadal in southern Sweden – which had long been in a state of slumber – and brought it back to life with kids, greenhouses, artichokes, sunflowers, ponds, apricot trees, pigs, lambs, Border Collies and dairy cows. It was strange to discover that most of what we grew tasted so good. Why was that? Was it because the light soil was so rich in lime? Or was it all the minerals in the healthy spring water that rippled out from the sand? Could it be the many hours of sunshine and the long, warm autumns so close to the sea? Or just the pure magic of organic self-sufficiency? Or is it perhaps the combination of all of them?” Gustav and Marie Mandelmann

The couple’s first book Self-Sufficiency at Djupedal was published in 2013, nominated for the August Prize and wasa even sold to Germany.

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