Märta’s Horse Book

Swedish title: Märtas hästbok

Series: Horses!

Category: Children / Children´s Non Fiction

Pub date: 08-08-2011

Format: 64 pages, 148 x 210 mm, colour

Märta’s Horse Book

Erika Eklund Wilson, illustrated by Erika Eklund Wilson

Martha teaches us all about horses in an entertaining reference book!

In four books we have read about Martha who both loves horses and is a little afraid of them. She also likes writing and now she has produced her own reference book on horses. A clever way of remembering everything she has learnt at her riding school!

There is a lot to think about at riding school and a lot of difficult words to remember. Everything from “loosebox”, “snaffle” and “fetlock” to different gaits such as “walking”, “trotting”, “cantering” and “galloping”. In her book Martha has also written about the different races of horse and all the strange names for their colours. She decides that there must be any number of horse words.
With the help of this entertaining book you can learn all about how to look after horses, what to give them to eat, how to saddle up and braid and how to ride etc.
According to Martha the hardest thing of all is to be firm with your favourite horse, but she is working on it. Every time!

“Easy to read – Facts” is a new richly illustrated factual series for inquiring new readers.

The books are written and illustrated by Erika Eklund Wilson and can be read equally by both horse-mad readers and those who are nervous of horses. Everyday situations are described with a lot of affection. The books are richly illustrated with fun, expressive and accurate pictures.

You can also read the first four parts in the series Horses, ”Martha learns to ride”, “Martha gallops”, “Martha at a gymkhana” and “Martha goes riding”

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