Märta’s Horse summer

Swedish title: Märtas hästsommar

Series: Horses!

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 21-05-2012

Format: 64 pages, 148 x 210 mm

Märta’s Horse summer

Erika Eklund Wilson, illustrated by Erika Eklund Wilson

“Happiness is that it’s summer and that I am riding on

the world’s best behaved horse.”

It is summer and the riding school is closed. The

horses are in the summer pasture and riding

teacher Kattis is on holiday. Märta and her friend

Maja can’t cope without horses, so they visit Bea’s

stable instead, where they are allowed to ride and

take care of Karamell. It is great fun until the day

Bea says Karamell is to be sold…

Is Märta’s and Maja’s horse summer ruined now?

Or is there something they can do?

This is a humorous series called Horses in the

Easy-to-Read collection. The series is about Märta

learning to ride and her thoughts about this. It is

an amusing series describing the love of horses,

life in the stables, feelings and friendship. The new

reader also learns some facts about riding. The

books are written and illustrated by Erika Eklund

Wilson and can be read by both horse lovers and

those scared of horses. The everyday situations

are described with a lot of warmth and you can

see yourself in the series, which is richly illustrated

with funny illustrations. Don’t miss the first books

in the series Horses, Märta Starts Riding and Märta

Gallops, in which Märta discovers she wants to

learn how to ride a horse and meets her special

horse, Julia, and then faces her fears of riding.

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