Mindfulness for parents

Swedish title: Mindfulness för föräldrar

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Parenting

Pub date: 15-09-2009

Format: 220 pages

Mindfulness for parents

Heidi Andersen, Anna-Maria Stawreberg

This book will help you to find the bright spots in the everyday existence that is our life.

Mindful parenting is a philosophy that helps you take control of everyday life, which can sometimes be as grey as a woolly blanket. Of those times when you feel you’re not up to the job, when you feel powerless and you just don’t know where to turn.

The mistake we adults often make is to try to be one step ahead all the time, but this means that we often miss the essential things – what is happening right now. A little hand in yours on the way to school, or a proud smile from a three year-old who can finally manage to get dressed all by herself.

This book will provide you with the tools to do things differently, to live in the present and not somewhere else inside your head. And by reflecting on your own childhood, you can avoid the repetition of certain patterns.

In the end, it comes down to being courageous enough to let go, and to accept life as it actually is.

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