More Homemade Bread

Swedish title: Lindas nya matbröd

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 24-09-2020

More Homemade BreadQuick, Easy, and Good for You

Linda Andersson

In her fifth baking book, Linda Andersson serves up an array of delicious breads, all of which are delightfully simple to bake. Some can be whipped up very quickly, whilst others require a cold fermentation in the fridge overnight. Linda blends classic bread recipes with innovative new ideas, alongside healthy bread recipes within categories such as protein-rich breads for energy and low-carbohydrate, diabetic-friendly breads. And so that readers can find the bread to suit their needs with ease, the recipes are categorised by Cold Fermentation, Quick Recipes, High-Fibre and Healthy, Wheat Flour Free, and Low Carbohydrate. The author runs her own baking school in the form of a baking blog, where instructional step-by-step images make it easy for even beginners to get baking. In this book Linda has presented a selection of her latest (and tastiest) bread recipes for every occasion.