Nelly Rapp’s Handbook for Monster Agents

Swedish title: Nelly Rapps fälthandbok för monsteragenter

Series: Nelly Rapp

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 19-10-2020

Format: 170 x 240 mm, 80 pages, colour

Nelly Rapp’s Handbook for Monster Agents

Martin Widmark, illustrated by Christina Alvner

This is a manual for all inquisitive monster agents who want to learn more about the dangers lurking out there. In Nelly Rapp’s Handbook for Monster Agents you learn all about some of our most loved and feared monsters. How do you actually become a vampire? How do you protect yourself against a troll? And how dangerous is Frankenstein’s monster actually? As a fully-fledged agent Nelly Rapp and her dog London have survived the whole world of ghosts and monsters by using the three ‘Cs’: calm, cleverness and cunning. Now it’s time for her to pass her skills on to you readers! The books about Nelly Rapp offer spine-tingling reading for new readers and Christina Alvner’s illustrations skillfully capture the scary monsters but always with a touch of humour.

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