New Times at Flanagans

Swedish title: Nya tider på Flanagans

Series: The Flanagans Series

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 25-08-2021

New Times at Flanagans

Åsa Hellberg

Almost 1 million copies sold—Åsa Hellberg is back with the dramatic finale to her beloved series

Frankie is the third generation in charge of running the glamorous Flanagans Hotel in London’s glitzy Mayfair. As long as Frankie has her family and staff at Flanagans by her side, she knows she can perform miracles. But when her marriage abruptly ends, Frankie’s life comes crashing down and she suddenly realizes that she can no longer manage the Flanagans empire on her own.

For Billie, Frankie’s cry for help comes at the worst possible time. Living a charmed life in New York, she has just landed the world’s most sought-after film role, and fallen madly in love. The world is wide open to her and her dearest dreams are within reach. But how can you say no when a beloved sister calls you in distress?

After the raving success of the first two books, readers have been eagerly anticipating the finale to the Flanagans’ trilogy, where Frankie and Billie have grown up and chosen different paths but still find that, when you become embroiled in one of life’s crises, there’s no one to rely upon quite like a sister.

This trilogy immerses readers into the atmospheric world of the Flanagans Hotel in London, following the life of the hotel from the 1960’s in book one, through the 1980’s in the second book, and culminating in a dramatic finale in the 2010s in this, its last instalment. Under crystal chandeliers, on carpeted floors and in between wood-panelled walls, we get to know three generations of women who run the hotel — each one facing the challenges of their era, with their own hardships, heartbreaks, successes, and more than their fair share of drama.

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