No-Bake Treats

Swedish title: Baka utan ugn

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 30-04-2019

Format: 170 x 220 mm, 144 pages

No-Bake Treats

Camilla Hamid

Baking without using an oven is both different and exciting, and the resulting food is surprisingly tasty! Award-winning food blogger Camilla Hamid realized at the tender age of ten that most things can be baked without an oven – you just have to try it. In this book she shows the many possibilities of no-bake recipes, including cakes and pastries, pies and cookies. And the best thing of all? The taste!

Camilla Hamid, recipe creator, cookbook author and home science teacher, has been running the multiple award-winning and popu­lar bake account My Kitchen Stories since 2015.

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