No Other Name Under Heaven

Swedish title: Ingenstans under himlen

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 30-12-2010

No Other Name Under Heaven

Liselott Willén

Here Liselott Willén excels in her skills for building an unpredictable, uncanny suspense in what seems to be our normal, everyday life.

Christian Weber has had a quick and smooth career in politics. His charisma is just right, as is his smart, impeccable appearance and his perfect wife and son – he is an MP you notice. Any day now parliament will vote on his bill proposing that a nationwide record be kept of the DNA of every Swede.

There is fierce opposition to the bill. As a part of his campaign Weber has a specimen of his saliva taken during a TV-show. Soon after the police calls up to tell him that they have a DNA-match. In his home, in front of his wife, he is arrested for the rape and murder of a little girl some ten years earlier.

But he escapes and disappears.

Weber discovers that he has no alibi for the time of the murder, and while digging into his past he unexpectedly finds himself kidnapped.

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