Pastor Viveka and the Centenary

Swedish title: Pastor Viveka och hundraårsjubileet

Series: The Pastor Viveka Series

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 03-11-2016

Pastor Viveka and the Centenary

Annette Haaland

The new feel-good sensation – over 100 000 copies sold in Sweden alone!

PASTOR VIVEKA AND THE CENTENARY is the second book in the series about the colourful Pastor Viveka and her congregation.

The centenary of the Stockholm suburb of Gamla Enskede is approaching, and all of its inhabitants have their own opinions on how best to celebrate. The ladies of the congregation, the shop-owners and the couple who live in the large villa looking down on the rest of the suburb, all have different ideas. It falls on Pastor Viveka to navigate these stormy waters, while at the same time she has her own troubles at home. A husband who works away during the weeks, an obstinate teenage daughter, the responsibility of a frozen salmon that one of the ladies won in a lottery, not to mention Viveka’s own existential doubts, are all making her life difficult. As if that wasn’t enough, soon there is a new, confusing murder in the vicinity of the church for Viveka to contend with too.

‘Haaland conveys a tender and subtle sense of humour…with a twinkle in her eye and in a pleasant prose.’ – Borås tidning

‘A pleasurable story to be enjoyed in the most comfortable corner of your sofa.’ – Allas

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