Pastor Viveka and the Silver Screen

Swedish title: Pastor Viveka och Glada änkan

Series: The Pastor Viveka Series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 25-01-2018

Pastor Viveka and the Silver Screen

Annette Haaland

The new Swedish feel-good sensation – over 100 000 copies sold in Sweden alone!

A new case for Pastor Viveka! The series is a light-hearted and entertaining tale set in the quaint Stockholm suburb of Gamla Enskede.

A hundred years ago, Gamla Enskede had a cinema showing silent films, accompanied by piano played by a heavily made up older lady, known as The Merry Widow. Now the residents decide to resurrect the old cinema, with a focus on quality films this time around. They name it ‘The Merry Widow’ – but who exactly was she?

They choose mankind’s dark side as their theme for the winter; devoting their time to the dark side of life soon turns out to be quite unpleasant, however. Terrible things start to happen, beginning with a chopped-off finger, seemingly belonging to a missing member of Viveka’s congregation.

Around the same time, the Enskede Free Church is bequeathed a huge amount of money. How should they use it? They gain a new member of their congregation too, and Viveka is up to her neck with duties. She is also attending therapy sessions in an attempt to find out why she expresses her anger unlike everyone else.