Swedish title: Släcka liv

Series: Lilly Hed series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 12-01-2022


Pernilla Ericson

You can’t sound the alarm, can’t call for help, can’t even turn on the light. The murderer has a winning hand…

Autumn, 2023. The summer heatwave is over and star-investigator Lilly Hed is still riding the success of solving the case of the arson-killer acting under the cover of rampant forest fires. Finally strong enough to face the trauma that caused her to run from a successful career in Stockholm to the cover of a tiny, idyllic village in the archipelago, Lilly has decided to go public her abusive ex-boyfriend, the menacing Chief Prosecutor Svante. But when a mysterious threat arrives, even her loving partner Jesper can’t dispel the fear that Svante may still come after her.

Meanwhile, in the north of Sweden, a vicious autumn storm is brewing. When an unsolved murder shakes the village of Skageby, Lilly Hed teams up with detective Liv Kaspi for Operation Spearhead, aimed at solving seemingly unsolvable cold cases. Soon after they arrive, the storm breaks, causing power outages, floods and toppling trees. All communication lines to the outside world are severed and, under the cover of darkness, another murder is committed. Fearing for their lives, terror and suspicion spread in the vulnerable community.

In PERFECT STORM, Lilly Hed must battle the elements and her own trauma to stop a vengeful killer acting under the cover of the environmental catastrophe. She teams up with her colleague Liv Kaspi (from Pernilla Ericson’s earlier series about the Erla-group) to solve a cold case that is connected to a recent murder.

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German: Fischer
Norwegian: Aschehoug

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