Pugh’s Many Questions about the Beggar, Longing and Cell-phones

Swedish title: Pejjes många frågor

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 03-05-2016

Format: 198 x21O mm, 32 pages, color

Pugh’s Many Questions about the Beggar, Longing and Cell-phones

Inger Ekbom, illustrated by Emma Göthner

A book about life today seen from a young, observant and perceptive child’s point of view.

Pugh’s Many Questions is written by author and authorized psychotherapist Inger Ekbom in co-operation with Stadsmissionen (a mission organization that gives help to people in need).

Pugh is six years old and his head is full of thoughts and questions. One day when Pugh feels poorly he goes with dad to his workplace. On the way Pugh sees a woman with beautiful long plaits. But she’s sitting on the cold wet asphalt, she doesn’t even have a chair. The photo she holds in her hand shows two children who Pugh thinks are looking straight at him. Strange that dad doesn’t seem to see her? Doesn’t dad always make sure that Pugh and Maija are warm and have dry clothes? Maija is at a camp with school but she wants more than anything to come home to mum. Pugh wonders if the children in the photo long for their mother too? A book about what everyone sees but has great difficulty talking about. Through Pugh’s pertinent questions and thoughts we bring up these questions about why certain people sit all day on the pavement and freeze.

Inger Ekbom is a writer, trained social worker and authorized psychotherapist with great experience in dialogue-based social work with children. Inger Ekbom has been published with several acclaimed children’s books about subjects which are not easy to talk about.

Emma Göthner is an illustrator with extensive competence. Apart from illustrating children’s books she has also worked for newspapers, with teaching media and with film companies.

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