Reinventing Ella

Swedish title: Det vi glömde säga

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 13-08-2019

Reinventing Ella

Klara Grede

A heart-warming feel-good debut, in the vein of internationally bestselling Katarina Bivald, about daring to let go and finding love for a second time in life.

It’s autumn in Stockholm and newly-divorced Ella’s life is falling to pieces around her. Johan, her ex-husband, is taking their two daughters and his new wife abroad for three months, leaving Ella to fend for herself in her empty family home. Caring for her daughters has been the focal point in Ella’s life since the divorce, so finding herself at a loose end leading up to Christmas proves to be harder than she imagined.

She moves in with her elderly grandmother to heal, and quickly slips into the same habits as the 95-year-old. She spends her days mostly sleeping in Johan’s old t-shirt, until she is suddenly awoken from her daze by a brilliant idea. She will win Johan back, using the time he’s away to reinvent herself and become the old Ella that Johan had always wanted her to be; fun-loving, carefree and sporty, with a fabulous haircut!

On her mission of reinvention she meets Niklas, who fits perfectly in to the role of making Johan jealous – but that’s all it is, right? Her grandmother’s handsome new neighbour, Martin, complicates things further, and she can’t quite shake the feeling that things are perhaps not panning out the way she had planned. Being the new Ella is proving to be rather exhausting after all.

As Christmas draws near, Ella will need to make a choice, once and for all. It turns out that she might be closer to having it all than she ever imagined…

REINVENTING ELLA is a warm and humorous feel-good debut novel about listening to that little voice inside, about uplifting shoes, the importance of family and daring to let go to find the authentic you! And the importance of warm mittens in winter. The perfect read for fans of Jenny Colgan and Cecilia Ahern.

‘This winter’s funniest feel-good novel.’

[A] charming and entertaining story, with its claws out against easy to come by self-help tips.’
Sala Allehanda