Sandwich Cakes

Swedish title: Älskade smörgåstårtor – lyxiga landgångar, snittar och varma mackor

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 24-04-2014

Format: 195x224mm 112 pages

Sandwich Cakes

Kristina Eriksson

Birthday parties, graduations, get-togethers – sandwich cakes are perfect for all these occasions and many more besides.
This savoury cake can be varied in so many different ways that there is something for all tastes. In this book, the author shares a whole succession of sandwich cakes with favourite ingredients like salmon, prawns, crayfish tails, tuna, horseradish, sun-dried tomatoes, chèvre, chicken, bacon and
vegetarian aubergine cream.

There are also recipes and tips for other tasty delights such as finger sandwiches, long open sandwiches and toasted sandwiches.

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