Save the Ghost

Swedish title: Rädda spöket

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 20-08-2009

Format: 32 pages, 190x290 mm, colour

Save the Ghost

Sanna Töringe, illustrated by Kristina Digman

In the isolated little house in the big, dark forest, Mummy is telling a really scary ghost story. It’s fantastic!
But wait a minute… is there somebody under the bed? Or in the wardrobe? Was that somebody moving about in the attic? Yes – there is actually something in all these places! Save yourself if you can…!

Sanna Töringe and Kristina Digman have created an entire little library together since the year 2000! But this is the first time they’ve ventured into the darkness under beds, tiptoed up staircases covered in cobwebs to the attic and crept down into gloomy cellars in search of ghosts, vampires and monsters. That takes courage!

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