Shadow Creatures

Swedish title: Skuggvarelser

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 01-06-2010

Format: 200 pages, 134x213 mm, b/w illustraions

Shadow CreaturesShadow Creatures 1

Magnus Nordin

Love between a human and a werewolf – a matter of life and death.

Daniel lives with his alcoholic father on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Near where they live is an abandoned house. There are many rumours and ghost stories about the house.

One summer night a new family moves into the house – an older man, a young girl and a young boy. They are foreigners with unfamiliar names and speak a strange language, but this is not why they seem so odd. Strange things start happening – some animals are killed in the area by something that they believe is a wild animal. The young boy in the family scares Daniel and his friends and why is the house always dark?

The truth is that the family are creatures that are half human and half something else. They live in the shadows, they have to live together to protect each other. Humans call them… werewolves.

Not knowing this, Daniel is attracted to the young girl in the family, Kira, and she falls in love with him too even though this is against all the rules her people live by.
They experience a summer full of love, strange events, violence and death. When Daniel finds out what Kira is he still decides to stick by her, but she has to leave to try to find her mother. What Daniel doesn’t know when Kira leaves is that she is expecting their baby.

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