Swedish title: Jorden runt. Hajar

Series: Around the World

Category: Children

Pub date: 31-08-2015

Format: 215 x 280, 48 pages, color


Sarah Sheppard, illustrated by Sarah Sheppard

During her work with the bestseller Important Maps—for Adventurers and Daydreamers Sarah Sheppard discovered many exciting things that did not quite fit into that book. Now some of those things that you may want to find out more about get their own books.

Sharks started to evolve 400 million years ago. And unlike dinosaurs, sharks managed to survive the great meteor, several mass-extinctions and ice ages.

There are very small sharks as well as huge ones. There are those that just eat plankton and others that eat anything that moves or floats. All of them are exciting and impressive in their own right.

And somewhat frightening too! There are few creatures that we are so scared of despite the fact that there is more risk of dying from a co¬conut hitting you on your way to the beach than there is of a shark attack. Here you get the opportunity to learn more about them, look at the maps and read a few tips about how to avoid that shark attack that we all have nightmares about!

Rights sold

Chinese (Simpl.)/Petrel
French/L'Ecole des Loisirs
Italian/Il gioco di leggere

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