Simply the Best

Swedish title: Född fenomenal

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 04-08-2014

Format: 272 pages, 125 x 197 mm Illustrations No

Simply the Best

Josephine Bornebusch

Simply the Best is a smart, funny and original book for adolescents about Anne Frank, obsession and statistics—and how a pair or stylish jeans can lead all the way to Amsterdam.
The only thing that Ruth doesn’t like about herself is her name and that’s her parents fault. Ruth is self-confident, clear-sighted and a bit smarter than everyone else. She can’t help it… she is quite simply the best!

At Ruth’s side are her closest friend Magda, a pathological liar, over-sexed hypochondriac with no boundaries to what she might do, and the annoying sport-crazy fool Abbe. However if the truth were known Abbe is rather cool and very clever. But for Ruth there are more important things to think about, she is interested, almost to the point of being a nerd, in statistics and the Second World War and is on the brink of becoming obsessed with Anne Frank’s diary. So she writes:
“So far I live a very uneventful life. I have never needed to flee from Nazis and nobody I know has sat imprisoned in any kind of house. Not even my brother, who should probably be locked up, so I am completely aware that this diary will not be filled with anything exciting. But I will be precise. When someone finds my diary, maybe about a 100 years from now, all the boxes will be ticked and everything will be very clear. So if you are reading this, then I am most likely already dead”.
But Ruth’s life proves to be far from lacking drama. It all starts with popular and shallow Kattis parading round school in a new pair of jeans. When Ruth tries to oppose Kattis’ arrogance everything goes wrong and soon Ruth has the responsibility of making arrangements to take the entire dysfunctional class, from roll players to wannabe gangsters, on a school trip. The question is, where on earth should they go? Well, Ruth has an idea…

Simply the Best was one of the 3 titles nominated to the prestigious First Novel Award “Slangbellan” 2014.

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