Smoothies for the self-healing human

Swedish title: Sannas smoothies - för den självläkande människan

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 01-06-2010

Format: 112 pages, 170x240mm, colour

Smoothies for the self-healing human

Sanna Ehdin

After her many successful books on self-healing, health and well-being, our health-guru Sanna Ehdin is back with a book on the new generation smoothies and juices.

By adding antioxidants, spices ans strengthening herbs she improves both the effect and the taste of the drinks. This is pure nutrition in drink-form.

There is no limit to the inspiration, with flavours from the whole world you get plenty of combinations of food that in different ways strengthen your body. Let your imagination flow and let in many new sensations. With the help of the 7-day program you will feel the positive health effects after just one week.

This beautifully illustrted book offers you 43 simple and tasty recepies, such as Buddha light, Valentine smoothie, Piña chocolada and Blueberry dream. You can also read about the healthy effects of different ingerdients. These recepies help to raise your energy-level, to cleanse your body and to strengthen your immunity system. It makes it easy to feel good and Sanna shows you the way.