Step Workout

Swedish title: Trappträning

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 26-07-2016

Format: 195x224 mm, pages 96

Step Workout

Sofia Ståhl

Steps or hills are perfect for short, intensive interval training using just your own body weight. These bursts of exercise give your body exactly what it needs – masses of strength and fitness – but don’t take much time. They are an effective form of basic training for those of you wanting to give your body the chance to get fit, but it is also provides the perfect complement to other forms of exercise such as running and all while you fill your lungs with fresh air.

Step Workout contains 45 functional exercises, where you start with a basic exercise that develops in three different ways to allow you to vary your training and achieve fantastic results, as well as suggestions for different 5-15 minute training programmes that you can follow.

Sofia Sjöström is best known by the name PT-Fia, but she has loved skiing and training ever since she was a child. She believes that balance is important – balance between rest and activity, healthy food and enjoyable food, strength, fitness and mobility and, of course, life in general.
Sofia writes one of Sweden’s most visited health and training blogs under the name PT-Fia and for which she has received a number of prizes and awards. She is a qualified personal trainer and dietary adviser, a health editor, a podcast presenter and holds online courses on health and food. Her first book, Top Ten Health Tips, was released in March 2015.

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