Sven Nordqvist’s Pictures

Swedish title: Sven Nordqvists bilder

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 15-09-2014

Format: 320 pages, 155 x 160 mm, color

Sven Nordqvist’s Pictures

Sven Nordqvist, illustrated by Sven Nordqvist

Meet Sven Nordqvist, one of our most loved picture books creators who bewitches us with his witty, humorous, beautiful and detailed illustrations! Here he shows how he creates his pictures, presenting same that are well-Imown and others that are less-known.
Sven Nordqvist’s Pictures is a small thick art book for all the family- a book to look at tagether and discover things. Every time you look at the book something new catches your eye! With Sven’s own personal comrnents we get an interesting insight inta how he works and how the pictures come about. Sven Nordqvist has thraugh the years worked with design in
He has worked in advertising, drawn innumerable postcards, created large murals, graphic and woodwork art. But primarily we recognise him thraugh his illustrations for his own and other authors’ picture and fact books. Education as an architect eventually led to the creation of fantastic boats-on paper. Sven Nordqvist has built both the Vasa and the East Indies ships in the fact books about these famous boats! It is clear to see his great interest in construction. In contrast to the serious there is the playful, the amusing and the wit that appears in the picture books about Pettson and FinduJ. Naj:l’e and Mamma Mu. And the imaginative, the beautiful and the grandiose in the picture book.
Where is my Sister? which was awarded the August pri ze in 2007. Master of details and doadles, Sven Nordqvist: treats us to a treasure trave of pictures!

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