Swedish title: Sverige–Polen : 1000 år av krig och kärlek

Category: General Non-Fiction / History

Pub date: 06-09-2019

Sweden—Poland1000 years of war and love

Herman Lindqvist

For a thousand years, Swedes and Poles have met in war and love, yet their story and connection is not well known or obvious to many. Twice, Swedish armies have ravaged and plundered their southern neighbour, and during a short period of time—there was even a shortlived Polish-Swedish union in the late 16th century. During the 1500s, over five hundred Swedes sought refuge in Poland from the rage of the Vasa kings, and since then, thousands of Polish immigrants have come to Sweden, seeking a new life free of oppression, persecution and communism; refugees who have enriched Sweden and made their mark in Swedish culture and media. Herman Lindqvist, who lives in Warszaw today, takes us on a journey through the Swedo-Polish turbulence up to the present-day, modern, yet politically fraught, Poland.

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