The Årsta Murderer

Swedish title: Årstamördaren

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 15-08-2007

Format: 250 pages

The Årsta Murderer

Magnus Nordin

A young girl is found naked and murdered in a mountain crevice. Two boys find her and realise it’s Ebba, the childminder. Everyone is devastated – how can such a terrible thing happen in Årsta, a part of town that has been so quiet and safe up to now? But the quiet atmosphere is deceptive.
A cold wind sweeps across Årsta as the number of murders grows. Who’s responsible? What’s the motive? The girls’ battered bodies are witness to a cruel killer. A serial killer, walking the streets of Årsta.

Henke knew who Ebba was. If only he’d walked her home after the party, she’d still be alive… the feelings of guilt are gnawing away at him. But he’s in love with Mikaela. But still… Ebba’s dead, and Henke feels as if it’s his fault.
Slowly a mystery is unravelled where no one is innocent – but only one person is the murderer…

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