The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Swedish title: Det bästa som har hänt mig

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 15-05-2019

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Johanna Schreiber

Children—the meaning of life. Right?

For real estate agent Ermina, social media influencer Freddie and high-school teacher Sigrid, the roads leading up the happy ’plus’ sign on the pregnancy test have been very different. But now, here they are. Each one with a screaming baby, aching all over and a fumbling partner. Asking themselves the same question: Is it supposed to feel like this? Is this it?

Their mother’s support groups can’t seem to deliver anything other than smug tips about full-night sleeping patterns, how grateful they should all be and cute baby outfits, so when Ermina quite by accident runs into Freddie and Sigrid outside of the group, she sees her chance, and decides to form her own support group for the more likeminded mums.

Despite, or maybe because of, their differences, they soon become best friends, and help each other through post-natal depression, the harrowing fight against the lingering pregnancy weight, and equality fixated, yet strangely absent partners.

Together they realize that nothing ever is what is seems, and that even newly created mothers sometimes need to switch their espresso boosts for a glass of bubbly, and their baggy clothes for a glitzy dress.

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