The Circus Detectives: The monster Mystery

Swedish title: Cirkusdeckarna och monstermysteriet

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 12-03-2014

The Circus Detectives: The monster Mystery

Dan Höjer, illustrated by Stina Lövkvist

The two biggest stars of the Pommery Circus are the twins Kaspar and Katinka who amaze the public with their daring performances. Kaspar and Katinka love mysteries and when invaluable objects disappear from the church in Östersund the twins take up the hunt for the culprits. It becomes a dramatic adventure where the twins chase the thieves on water scooters, are taken captive and to top it all, end up in the jaws of a horrible sea monster!

Do you enjoy excitement and speed-packed adventure, lots of laughs, unexpected turns and a whole cascade of colourful characters? Yes? Then you are definitely going to enjoy Dan Höjer and Stina Lövkvist´s popular series about the Circus Detectives.

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